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Thread: Trap SQM script with Objects like Crates

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    Question Trap SQM script with Objects like Crates

    I was wondering if it would be possible to create a script, which drop crates around the character as in the picture,


    For example: F9 ----> script trap character around the crates with two layers "I only had these crates at this time, so only one layer".
    ********************F10 ----> script collects all crates from the floor and returns to backpack.

    It need not necessarily be crates, but any object that has the same effect should work.

    It would be possible ?
    Can anyone develop?

    Thank you !

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    Yes. It's possible. Simple script, hit me pm for more info.

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    Marhozi, stop looking for PvP scripts if you cant play by hand.
    I can try to help you with scripts only if you're willing to show at least minimum effort in cooperation.
    If you are looking for the ready script, I'm willing to do that for legacy cash.
    I'm trying to avoid PvP scripts, as I find them more than unhealthy in this game.

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    its something like POT bomb i saw it on some 7.4 ots @Adrstalik pm me price of that script

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    Gonna share it for free. Give me some time

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