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Thread: Wrong pass

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    Wrong pass

    Hi there, im trying to logg in my mediviabotter but it says wrong username or password, i already requestd a new one but it keeps saying its wrong..

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    Can you login using the same credentials to the forum in an incognito or inprivate browser window to confirm they are definitely correct? Also worth checking you haven't copy pasted some space, tab, or newline at the end of your username or password...

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    In my situation, checked "remember password" and password is correct, sometimes it's says that my pass is bad and I am tapping "login" until it logs in ;p

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    wrong username or password. (there is correct im sure 100% because i have changed password and copy my username from this forum...)
    password has been changed and im copying new password too so im using same from this forum..
    please help me.

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