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Thread: Pokexgames Battlelist get value

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    Pokexgames Battlelist get value

    hello, i'm looking for battlelist address in cheatengine. i find this function.
    PHP Code:
    pxgclient_newdx9.exe+1B2F 8B 41 1C              mov eax,[ecx+1C
    if i'm assemble instruction with this value [ecx+0C] battlelist duplicate my pokemon.

    if i select in CE "find out what addresses this instruction acesses" i get all creature on screen red circle: position x,y,z, green circle: lookpos, outfitid, healthbar value, purple circle creature id.


    how i can use this instruction in c# code to get all memory value?

    Sorry for the bad english.
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    i dont program in C#... i did what u looking for in C++. Check MSDN documentation for this but...TDLR:

    1- get module address (pxgclient_dx9.exe)
    2- run a debugger mode on this client and make breakpoint on the address that u want. Everytime the game execute this function, u will read the eax value. (actually the instuction after this one selected [pxgclient+1B2F].
    3- after doing that u have to create a struture that will store this information to use in your program. Make sure to delete this structure/value when it disappears from screen because it will appear again later and that will be duplicated pokemons on the screens depending on what adress did u pick.

    that is pretty much what i did. i can give me you more details but... i think that answers your question. To get those value u have to use a debugger to get those info.

    DWORD creatureAddress = (DWORD)context.Eax; // get Eax

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