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  • Kuhiscripts now opensource

    Hello everybody!

    As I'm out of time but I always wanted to improve my projects, I just decided to open source them.

    I hope this helps someone and maybe the community wants to keep an eye and improve something.

    This is the link to github:

    There you can find scripts with OCR (optical character recognition), Image recognition, memory hacking, web scrapping, etc. Like:
    - 3 different tibia bots
    - 2 web scrappers for Tibia
    - 1 Team Fortress 2 crafting bot
    - FIFA18 PC Ultimate Team bot
    - Black Desert timer for boss spawn

    1 Tibia bot is made in working with memory, 1 is made in AutoIt working with ImageSearch, and last one is being developed in Python using pyautogui.

    For that 2 last bots (AutoIt and Python) the goal of the project is to make a Tibia Bot easy to update by the user so you can move from one server to another one without changing the software, only the settings and images (if needed).

    If you make any changes to any of my codes, please make a pull request or create a new branch and I will link it to main repository.
    But don't make any changes to keep them private.

    I will try to support as much as I can.
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