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    As I declared in my main thread I am about to release runemaker as an open source. The idea was to make a tool, which will automize runemaking and - in contrast to simple macro - provides a chance to survive in case of player attack or appearnce on screen. This bot allow you to runemake on only 2 clients, which is limited not only because its easier for me implement but also to prevent mass runefarming and destroying classic tibia servers.
    I will make it open source and public as soon as it will have minimal functionality, which means when I'll make it working on just one client. Current status of bot can be seen in changelong at bottom of post.

    Warlock Bot:
    • fully configurable runemaker, which can create blank runes, moves them to hand if necessery and others
    • works with all Tibia clients - 7.1, 7.4, 7.6, otclient, 8.0, 8.6, tibia 11.0 and more!
    • on-time screen checker for changes on selected window (screen check takes about 30ms)
    • alarm system on lack of food, blank runes or screenchange which can be configured to logout, shutdown, play sound or walk desired directon
    • intuitive fishing tool
    • allow you to throw conjured runes wherever you want (for example house)
    • easy tool to obtain pictures of ingame items
    • it stores last used settings, so you won't have to configure it everytime you close the bot
    • your client doesn't need to be on top, you can hide it and watch fullscreened videos or browse Internet

    To download latest version:
    (for x64 systems; not tested on different pcs, might have some bugs, not all functions may work propely, be careful and report all bugs!)

    Source code available here:

    Since my development is completely free and unpaid I will be very greatful if you would support me with few bucks through PayPal dontion:

    Here I post how it looks for now:

    Known issues:
    1) If you are using windows style setup to preformance on windows 7 and higher text fields might not be visible, and there will appear black fields on graphical interface. To prevent it you should enable this: Control Panel/Perfomance information and tools/Adjust visual effects/Use visual styles on windows and buttons

    2) On OTClient if it is default setup to show exp/h ratio in titlebar bot returns error. To solve it, you should go to client directory, find configuration file (usually .cfg or .ini) and change ExpCounter = yes to ExpCounter = no

    3) If you are playing on Medivia Online or other highly edited OTClient with good bot protection is recommended to use SendMode = Event in order to make mouse works properly.

    4) Bot supports only x64 systems and works under DirectX graphics engine (OpenGL is not supported)

    [ver] - 27-02-2017
    repaired window managment (flash, fishing, main gui)
    repaired 'screen change' alarm after hiding minimized client window
    removed serious bug causing mouse movement block
    screen checker platform checks now properly whole screen
    [ver 0.9.6] - 21-02-2017
    removed support for x32 systems
    added tooltips on each control
    added possibility to hide/show game window
    improved tray menu items
    implemented screen checker platform (scp_wrlbot.exe), that is providing pseudo-multitasking
    added separated timers for all bot functions for both clients
    improved pause function
    added flash client as alarm type
    added image search by hwnd
    added mouse control by ext. DLL
    added fishing feature
    added default buttons for inital windows
    [ver and 2] - 17-11-2016
    fixed anty_logout() on medivia
    added auto 'sendmode = event' if medivia
    [ver 0.9.5] - 06-11-2016
    reorganized file managment
    added online bot version confirmation
    added way more efficient double alarm effect
    repaired bug if window title has changed after initialization
    changed spell cast method to send hotkey input instead of string
    added configuration of such things as: food/anty idle time, anty log direction, distance to walk in case of alarm, hotkey to eat food, if you want notification to be shown or not
    added auto-shutdown on specific hour
    added alarm if gm on battle, if lack of soul points
    repaired bug with screen check false alarm while minimizing or maximizing game window
    [ver 0.9.4] - 06-10-2016
    repaired bug with spellcaster if no blank
    minor changes to runemake() algorithm
    added ver 32 and 64 bit
    [ver 0.9.3] - 20-09-2016
    repaired bug with crash if last used client directory has changed
    now you can change in ini files values of randomization (1-15~), food and antylog time (ms), to show or not notifications (bool), and blank rune spell (string)
    changed action order in case of alarm execution (now is: logout>walk>sound>shutdown)
    repaired bug with shutdown/walk alarm type, now you can do both in the same time (in specified oreder)
    repaired bug with food/anty log delay (it should eat once every 150sec not every each cicle)
    minor changes to pause(), still not tested
    [ver 0.9.2] - 17-09-2016
    added inital msgbox, informing about version and where to report bugs
    solved problems with not loading previously saved settings
    removed tests hotkeys f1 and f2 from public bot version
    changed auth gui to make password and account name unchangable
    [ver 0.9.0] - 16-09-2016
    added option to change mouse sendmode (necessary on servers with good bot protection)
    added alarms on food, blank rune, region change
    added "double alarm effect" to screen checker
    added 'cast spell if no blank runes' alarm type
    added function to remember last used settings and restore them after launching bot again
    added hotkey to exit app (ctrl + alt + f12) and to pause (not sure if working propely ctrl + alt + f11)
    changed frequency unit of screen checks from Hz to ms
    updated function find()
    added functions so far:
    sleep_random(min, max) sound(file_dir) eat_food(client_id) anty_logout(client_id) runemake(client_id, client_number) alarm(client_id, type) save() and load() pause(status, finish_current_thread)
    [ver 0.1.0] - 06-09-2016 added gui added show coordinates function added clients identification added functions so far:
    runemake(client_id, rune_spellname) say(client_id, text) move(client_id, object, destination) use(client_id, object) logout(client_id) walk(client_id, walk_dir, steps) shutdown() notification(client_id, text) find(client_id, object, region, center, notification) take_screenshot(filename, width, height)
    added screen checker for changes
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    nice name :^)


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      Haha, thanks . Tbh I wasn't sure about name at all. Since my first bot is called Hunter I thought I should keep that convention. Was choosing between Arcanist, Geomancer and Warlock. So we had elf, dwaf and human. I choosed Warlock because its most-human (say no to racism!) monster associated with magic.


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        Warlock sounds good! keep the good work


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          Hello! Great that you're working a new bot for medivia, would be really cool if u would upload it to the public (a bot for runemaking only, not PvP wise).

          when do you think it'll be done?


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            What language you using?


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              Originally posted by dareva View Post
              when do you think it'll be done?
              About week or two to release exe and source code, another week or two to repair reported bugs

              Originally posted by normik View Post
              What language you using?


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                Originally posted by Mate View Post
                About week or two to release exe and source code, another week or two to repair reported bugs

                great! I really hope you release it into .exe cuz me (and alot of other people really dont know how to use source codes to navigate bots :S)


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                  Hello everyone. Beta version of my runemaker is finished. It probably still has some bugs and I make it public so you can report me with your probms. Using this bot will be not as easy as using any other bot to runemake but when you finally understand everything you would realize its value to have one, same bot that works on all tibia clients. Or at least I belive so.

                  To download: download link is located in first post in this thread.
                  Here I post short instruction with some basics about using this tool:
                  1. Go to settings and configure your equpiment and hand slot position on-screen.
                  2. Bot depends on time instead of mana amount to create runes.
                  3. Your main backpack must be different than backpacks in which will you store blank and conjured runes (if you're using hand-mode).
                  4. Your left weapon slot must be empty, otherwise object you had in hand may be moved to backpack and you can lose it in case of death (if you're using hand-mode).
                  5. You must take screenshot of a free slot using our tool to take ingame images (if you're using hand-mode).
                  6. Your inventory must be on right side of the screen.
                  7. ImageSearch searches for images from topleft to bottomright side of desired area. Keep that in mind.
                  8. If constantly bot returns "couldn't find free slot on inventory" try to take another image, dont really need to be fully in center.
                  9. It's not necessary but you better have one empty slot in each backpack of blank runes.
                  10. As food I'd recommend brown mushrooms or fishes (something what doesn't change while eating)

                  Tutorial screen:
                  Last edited by Mate; 20-09-2016, 01:03 PM. Reason: repaired minor bugs in file


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                    Awesome! testing it right now, will be back with feedback asap after i've tried it out!


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                      Yo dude! Just downloaded it. I dont know if its just me but everytime i open the bot, black boxes appear on the main windows so I cant see any text at all on the bot so I couldnt even use the bot yet

                      here are some images of how it looks like : blackboxes hidden text.jpg

                      please help me dude
                      Last edited by dareva; 17-09-2016, 03:37 PM. Reason: didnt post the image correctly


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                        Is it windows 98 or any newer windows with just setted up window look to performance? If so try to change it. Answer and I'll try to solve it somehow.


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                          Originally posted by Mate View Post
                          Is it windows 98 or any newer windows with just setted up window look to performance? If so try to change it. Answer and I'll try to solve it somehow.
                          Yeah, thank you. just fixed it (I have windows 7 btw). The problem was that I had adjusted my windows to prioritize performance instead of appearance and as soon as i changed to prioritize appearance the text showed up on the bot

                          Does this mean that I'll always have to be running it with prioritizing appearance tho? cuz my pc will be kinda slower then. Or if not, do you know which box to left checked so that it can see the text still, if you know what i mean?

                          Also two things, when i turn on the bot, the other mc's that is turned on that im NOT boting, It's not possible to use the same hotkeys that I got on the Botclient. for example = I have Adura vita on F2 on my botclient, and when i turn on my other mc's which hasnt bot opened on, I cant use F2 (idk why but when i press F2 just completely nothing happends.) altho this isnt a big problem i can just change my hotkeys but just wanted to know if the bot was modified this way :P

                          I tried to use the bot also (just like it said in the tutorial and by checking the screenshots u posted) but it somehow doesnt work anyway. it doesnt eat food (even tho i have food visible in mainbackpack). also it doesnt create runes. Maby im just being noob and didnt understand the tutorial exactly :S

                          Do you have skype? so we can chat instead of posting back on forth and wasting forum space? :P


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                            It seems like only text fields are blacked due to you performance settings. Bot function shouldnt relay on it. So if you remember whats is where you can bot usuing your old performance setup.
                            F1 and F2 is not working due to my fault, i just left in source code some hotkeys that I was using for tests purposes. It will be fixed in 0.9.2 version.
                            What do u mean by saying it doesnt create runes? It doesnt create blank runes or normal runes? Maybe you haven't setted up images for certain items. Go to settings and configure it using this 'backpack-like-tool'. Also remember to set hand slot x,y position on screen in settings.
                            No, im not Skype user. But I'm afraid I'm too busy today to help you personally, sorry.


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                              ok, so here's the thing. when I finnish my setup to start boting the runes, It creates 1 rune only and after that, it says that I dont have any blank runes in my inventory even tho my backpacks and everything is the same as in ur screenshot tutorial. it also doesnt eat food and I get alarms that it cant find food in my inventory even if i have food.

                              I dont understand the "take screenshot of free slot thingy tho, maby thats why? :S

                              here's a pic of my setup =

                              I guess i didnt do correct in the "settings section then? didnt know what to write there :>
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