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    We've got a handful of TibiaPF official projects underway, but the first one we're going to make public (very much as a work in progress) is our Linux Demos factory. This has started off life as a simple procedure to read the memory of another process, but we're looking to evolve it to include features such as sending keystrokes and mouse events, as well as manipulating packets, calling functions, and doing all sorts of nasty goodness.

    There is a huge gap in the market for any Linux content, since there is a general opinion that Linux isn't user friendly, but we'll work to remove that boundary as we can. Open source is good, Linux is open source. Need I say more? OK, I will then. Consider that the average price of a Windows VPS or dedicated server is in the region of 50% higher than its Linux equivalent... It stands out as a leader for people with an extent of technical knowledge, and it makes sense, in the age of mass botting, to introduce a means to bot on an operating system which can be customised to be as lightweight as the task requires, but still retain functionality as a development platform.

    To check out our venture, take a look at Github:

    Feel free to raise pull requests, we will consider and accept any appropriate ones. We are always looking for people to work on TibiaPF projects, so if you're interested in bringing your code to the public by open sourcing, but want visibility, get in touch. Alternatively, if you'd like to be part of the "official team", let us know. Keep in mind that for security reasons, we won't open the floor up to anyone. We're looking for either highly reputable individuals, or people who have proven themselves with high quality pull requests.

    Watch this spot, soon we will be bringing content important to Tibia and Open Tibia botters.

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    A small update for those interested (code will be committed tonight):

    That last module, that one's mine

    I'm still fighting to control the injector, I'll try get it up tomorrow but no promises. Right now I'm using someone elses library, notably linux-inject - I'm trying to shrink it down since we won't need it for arm or 64 bit, but it's proving to be a headache.


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      Very interesting! There is a long time I don't play Tibia on linux, but I used to, like 6+ years ago. I don't know anything about coding for Tibia but I will follow this project closely, if some basic functions like auto healing emerges for this I will for sure test it.