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    Hello, Rifbot is otclient based bot using memory_read and packet_send functions to game interaction.

    Looking for resellers! If you want to be one send me private message

    Base information
    • Support Windows platform
    • Low CPU usage
    • Compatible with OpenGL game client of,,,

    • Healing with spell and runes
    • Party & friends sio
    • Runemaker with safe logout & house step, relogin and blank rune proxy checker
    • Alarms: private message, player attack, no mana regen, disconnected, vip online and more..
    • Skill trainer and creatures targeting
    • Condition manager
    • Tools: lighthack, fishing, spearpickup, advertising, antiidle, foodeater, autolooter and more..
    • PvP tools: holdtarget, sdcombo, runemax, mchotkeys, autoring
    • Private message console to store your private conversation
    • Shortkeys execute once scripts to enable hotkeys like aimbot or uhs
    • Logs system
    • Powerful LUA interface where the limit of scripts is your imagination


    • License time start with first login and takes 30 days
    • Days will display in down-left corner of panel
    • You are able to share your key with friends but not at this same time. Wait 30 min between action.
    • If you need test it out before purchase send me private message

    • Bot has build-in updater
    • To download Rifbot full package use this link Rifbot.rar

    LUA Scripts:
    1. Documentation here: Rifbot folder\Rifbot Lib.lua
    2. New scripts save as lua file inside My Documents\Rifbot\Scripts
    3. To run script go Options->Lua scripts->Select script->Click button Execute->Optional check for error below
    4. Each example below have build in random timer example: MAIN_DELAY = {300, 700), change it for yourself to avoid deletion.
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    Great, i use this on classictibia.. i heard the mastercores has a antibot system.. what do u say about that? u tested?


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      I guess that antibot = client with new adresses, nothing more.
      But.. when i even think wrong Rifbot have built in randomize functions for most actions.
      Calculate: you can bot with relax until some GM dont come into your screen with <Invisible mode> or without.


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        I tried to download, but it says Virus.. the rift from classic doesnt show this message..


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          It's reason why i don't trust antivirus programms. Rifbot for mastercores is same like on, i changed only adresses.


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            Hello repair using mana fluid on yourself using a hotkey. I do not know if the mastercores work, but the classictibia does not work because I checked


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              Send me some mana fluids, i check what is wrong.



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                I think u have to open bp with manas FIRST and then rest of backpacks and then it will work perfectly its working for me like this.


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                  theres a function to fish, attack monster, loot etc...
                  anyway, cool bot xD


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                    Attempted to find the HP and Mana pointers to create my own semi-safe rune maker but failed at finding them(Haven't done it in a long time). I do have some suggestions that might assist with a few things. @Ascer Also maybe you wouldn't mind passing me the pointer value's? Thanks for the great work!

                    * First you dont need to move runes in order to make them on Mastercores
                    * Making runes from X mana to X mana might be good to avoid detection. Also dont cast if enemy on screen who isn't in friend list?


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                      Originally posted by PROGRES56 View Post
                      Hello repair using mana fluid on yourself using a hotkey. I do not know if the mastercores work, but the classictibia does not work because I checked
                      Here you go, link do download in main thread
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                        Originally posted by Ascer View Post
                        Here you go, link do download in main thread or
                        what about the fishing function, do u have any?


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                          Nope is pvp bot


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                            Originally posted by Elgu View Post
                            what about the fishing function, do u have any?
                            You can make an hotkey to useItemWith and put the ID of fishing rod. It is not an auto fishing but it helps a lot!


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                              Changelog 2018-10-18 14:26, download in main post.

                              • Auto Fishing until reach 6 cap.
                              • Spears and Small Stones pickup to hand.
                              • Relogin if game or player issue.
                              • Macro test responder with random delay.
                              • Shortkeys: uh, mf, lifefluid. Shortkeys inputs for Num + and NUM -
                              • Logs inside InformationBox about reason of logout.

                              • Using runes with monsters using shortkey "tuse" or "sdlast"
                              • Crashing game couse of Hold Target.
                              • Runemaker no longer put blanks to hand.
                              • Reading mana and health just after login.
                              • Slow down runemaker a little bit to avoid detection.
                              • Randomize Advertising time.

                              How bot working with macro test

                              1. Function is built-in and enabled.
                              2. When you'll under test, bot set random delay to respond.
                              3. On timer drop say code and flash client to make sure that all is ok.
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