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  • 2018-12-13 18:56 Changelog Rifbot 1.33 (download in main post)

    • Runemaker when checkbox Relogin is enabled Rifbot will automatically open main backpack.

    Fixed & changed:
    • New icon of Rifbot.exe
    • Changed way reading creature.z from [dword] to [byte] (this was reason of do not logout when player sometimes)
    • Changed way reading selfConnectionState (this may be reason of crash/game close in some cases)
    • Default theme on Windows XP for more labels and inputs clarity
    • Decreased modules delay for and since weak macro detecting system


    • 2018-12-14 19:59 Changelog Rifbot 1.34 (download in main post)

      • Compatibile with

      Fixed & changed:
      • [Realesta] Shortkey lifefluid. You can also use just: lf
      • [Realesta] Fixed bug with crashing client on useItemFromEquipment
      • [Realesta] Added small delay to any send packet func just after login to avoid crashing game.
      • [Lua] Reading creatures while offline now return false
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      • Do u work on cavebot?


        • Originally posted by xardos View Post
          Do u work on cavebot?
          Nope looking in past cavebot destroy a lot of good servers 7.4. Rifbot do not support such as idea.


          • 2018-12-18 12:45 Changelog Rifbot 1.35 (download in main post)

            • [Shortkey] wear itemid, slornr // @itemid - id of item to wear/dequip, @slotnr - 0-9 equipment slot.
            • Maximum open Rifbot's per serial number is now 10.

            Fixed & changed:
            • Fixed bug with closing Rifbot on some containerSend actions
            • [Realesta] Changed spell consts for ultimate healing rune mana from 110 (bug on website\spells) to real 100 mp.
            • [Realesta] Fixed healing with life fluid in Heal group.
            • [Realesta] Decreased chance to crash.
            • Separated whole way Rifbot working different for {Medivia & MasterCores} and different {Realesta & Nostalrius}
            • Added support for Alarms.wav, if you had any problems before download Rifbot.rar, delete all alarms.mp3 from folder and put new alarms.wav


            • Working perfectly!


              • 2018-12-21 17:55 Changelog Rifbot 1.36 (download in main post)

                • [Realesta] Rewrite corrupt registry function that was reason on client crash in any send packet action.
                • Fixed problem with stuck on opening bp after relogin (loop will stop when any cont will open)
                • Fixed alarms problem (WinFlash cannot deal with PlaySound)


                • im buying a license for CASH or golden scrolls (DEMERA) if someone sell it
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                  • 2018-12-27 13:40 Changelog Rifbot 1.37 (download in main post)

                    • Options -> GetCurrentPos will copy current character position
                    • Browse changelogs on new patch.
                    • Info box on invalid game engine (directx)

                    • [Medivia & Nostalrius] fixed Crashes after patch 1.36.
                    • [Tools] LookIDs will display now also position of look item on ground. *pos.z = self.z
                    • [Tools] HoldPos replaced selfWalkto to selfStep.
                    • Increased time for load Rifbot resources before exit.


                    • 2019-01-09 14:15 Changelog Rifbot 1.38 (download in main post)

                      • Compatibile with (Remember that ids are different than on otclient)

                      • [Medivia] Stacking fish when fishing is enabled
                      • [Mastercores] Make changes with reading macro code as valid.
                      • [Mastercores] Fixed using mana fluid on your character.
                      • [Mastercores] Randomized delay to decrease chance for ban.
                      • [Lua] Creature.isMonster() set max limit ids.


                      • Rifbot crashing on Realesta?

                        Main reason of crashes are different addresses in client released first time and each other in future.

                        How to fix it!
                        1. Download client from this link RealestaClient
                        2. Replace RealestaOGL.exe to new one.


                        • 2019-01-18 9:58 Changelog Rifbot 1.39 (download in main post)

                          • Supprt for &
                          • Error code for invalid RealestaClient. By clicking OK you will jump to TibiaPF for solution.
                          • [Classictibia] Fixed problem with using Fishing Rod on valid stackpos
                          • [Classictibia] Fixed crashes due a reconnect to game.
                          • [Classictibia] Proxy server will no longer cut name speaker and error message.