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    Like my Tibia 11 IP Changer, this application is very simplistic, but the core functionality (changing the ip of the client) works properly which will allow anyone else to create a more advanced application (e.g., saving/loading memory addresses, ips and ports, and client paths).

    This application works by running a client process, scanning it's memory for the address of the RSA key and where the login servers start (it's really fast; you may not even see the client open), killing that process, running a new client process, then overwriting the RSA key and login servers. Unlike Tibia 11, the old clients do not have to be suspended when overwriting the RSA key and login servers (as long as an attempt to connect to a login server hasn't already happened; before 10.11(?) this doesn't apply).

    Also, unlike Tibia 11, the old clients have multiclient support which this code does not account for. This means you can't have any running Tibia clients when you apply the ip changer. I can add it later if need be. This code should support all Tibia clients from 7.0 to 10.98.

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    good job