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    hello guys, I'm trying to make a bot for pokexgames. This game was based on the tibia and long the TibiaAPI version 8.11, if I'm not mistaken, it worked properly on it. So they updated several address TibiaAPI and created PokemonAPI. Some time later a new client has been created for this game and all changed addresses.

    I want to start developing my bot but do not know the techniques to find some addresses.
    I'll start with walking into a place and use an item in one location.
    If the game respects the same logic of the tibia is only assign the X, Y, Z and IsWalking = true as the GoTo property. The problem is already performed some tests and did not get the address of IsWalking. What is the technique that I use to find it?


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    pokexgames uses a modified version of otclient, most values are doubles... those api's dont apply anymore, it used to work back on 2013 when they allowed you to use a old modified client.


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      Ok, what is the "trick" to move the player to location? Where should i start?


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        Did u know is iswalking are 0/1 now?
        When yes, use cheatengine scan decreased / increased values (Increased by 1 when u walking).


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          I already tried to look for when I'm standing 0 and 1 when I'm walking. I think when modified for the new client changed the way you walk.
          I think I'll need to start from scratch.
          The question now is: what is the way more "easy" to make the bot send a command to walk the location x, y, z?


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            I play pxg since 2009 and never see bot for this, nice :P