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Finding battle list memory address

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  • Finding battle list memory address

    Hello everyone

    I need help finding the battle list memory address in OTClient, this is the last thing I need to have a full bot working.

    I will show what I'm trying so you can understand the situation.

    I'm trying to find in memory the address of: the name of the first creature in battle list.

    So let's find the npc Manda.
    After searching for strings that contains Manda:

    Now to avoid suicide risk I'm going to get away of the npc, so when my battle list is clear, the memory address value should be empty or at least not equal.

    So, now I know I have to get the pointers of the first/second address, or at least the 2 address starting at 1C36.
    Let's repeat, pointer map and pointer scan.

    So this is the result (with option repeat loop until stop)

    By the way this images are all attached and you can zoom there.
    So let's logout and check for pointers.

    So with 0 results, I expect 2 things: I'm wrong or it's a pointer to a pointer?
    So instead of pointer -> address it's pointer->pointer->address

    Let's try another way.

    I will follow this 2 guides step by step:

    Results finding character lookdir:

    Finding light in memory:

    So I will use the same setup like in the tutorial

    1 path found

    Find what writes the address pointed at by this pointer

    End of first tutorial.
    Let's follow the second one.

    We start from this screen

    So address of g_map is client_dx.exe+334A98
    I follow the next call like in the tutorial, and locate the next call after follow the first one

    So my offset is +00000200

    Then the battle list address should be client_dx.exe+334A98+200

    Adding to Cheat Engine:

    If I select text I get empty results, even if I select length 50.

    Any help please?
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    Hello mate!

    It's my old tut with battle list on medivia:
    You need to know that medivia working different than example Realesta or Nostalrius or Mastercores