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HxBot - PvP (2 days free trial) for 10.0

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  • HxBot - PvP (2 days free trial) for 10.0

    HxBot - Change quality your pvp!

    Tibia 10.00 compatibile, tested on, Aurera-World & Shivera-Global

    Program contains a lot of powerfull functions make you better than other players.
    Included CRC32 coding allow you to execute modules much faster with a little CPU usage.
    Mainly recommended for advanced in PvP users but also a novices make it usefull for self couse of easy setup.

    Let's see what exactly you can do:

    • Speed healing & potion drinker included easy shortcuts like a SIO, UHP, GHP;
    • Full AFK magic level train (buying potions + hold position + mana burning);
    • Smooth and fast team/friends healer + recognizer;
    • Conditions holder & protection zone checker;
    • Custom timers setup allow you to choose what is time between each action;
    • Multifloor target keeper do not let loose PZ your aim;
    • Xray unlock floors ablow and below;
    • Advertising help you in posting your offers;
    • Mounts disabler remove players mounts (save a lot of CPU on battles);
    • Color + Addon changer refresh look of your char;
    • Advanced and incredible rapid Multi Client communication gives you the ability to manage a few accounts in one time!;
    • Simple and reliable system to save and load your settings (auto load on startup & char change);
    • Alarms system will notify you on danger situations;
    • Huge and still growing PvP section with precisely functions testing by the legend of Tibia;
    • Shortkeys execute when key is pressed automate most of actions;
    • Additional each function have build-in self description to understand how is working;

    License conditions:

    # Trial:

    Each a new user are able to test bot durning 7 days free session. There are no any difference between trial and full version.

    # Full Version:

    License is monthly (30 days +1). Price 2.5€. There are 2 payment methods:
    Allegro: <Click>

    After pruchase generated serial number will sent on your email address in next 24h

    How to start?

    • Visit official HxBot GitHub for download a software: <Click>


    Forum: <Click>

    Ascer Team
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    Update v1.1

    Now the price is 2.5€ per month

    - Changed Mushrooms to EatFood, now all food items can be easy eaten.
    - Added Shortkeys:
    1. ANTIPUSH 3031, 3492
    2. MOUSEDROP 3031, 3492
    3. MOUSEPUSH 3197, T
    4. FASTSSA
    - Added Captcha system to verify humanity.
    - Improved Trial verification, will start automatically and take 7 days.
    - Added auto close bot on process exit.


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      BUUUMB buy this